Expectations for "Facebook Leads" or EDM Leads

Thank you so much for taking the time to look further into EDM Leads. EDM Leads was established by final expense agents and agencies looking for consistency and profitability. Our goal from the beginning was to become a marketing partner for all agents and agencies that are desperate for the shift to come where they are able to purchase affordable quality final expense leads that dont sacrifice quality for quantity. We want to provide value to Final Expense Agents in a way that is real, raw, and straight to the point. We are not going to be misleading and we are not going to pretend we are the only people doing this.

Do we use a different strategy than most? YES.

Are we platform dependent on just Facebook? NO.

We are in a funny place now-a-days where agents have a choice to make. They either choose expensive direct mail leads between the price of $30 - $45. Or sacrifice quality, to work quantity and end up spending the same amount of money to acquire the same customer. Unfortunately, most "VENDORS" haven't actually worked the leads they provide to other agents to work. That's just the beggining of the problem. Then when you take into consideration the inconsistencies of branding, platform dependancy, and the lack of training. We have a completely different problem. The truth of the matter is that expectations haven't been set properly from the beginning. If you work "Facebook leads" or EDM Leads you have to understand that you are sacrificing territory for time. What I mean by that is this; if you place an order for direct mail you have the ability to drop mail based on zip codes and mail to everyone that has a mailbox. Which is almost everyone. However, you also have to wait anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks to get the mail returned back (if they are truly FRESH Direct Mail). When you work EDM Leads or "Facebook Leads" you have the ability to get leads within 48 hours of placing your order. However, now you run the risk of working a much larger territory. Which requires a ramp up period of 4 - 6 weeks where you have to allow the area you are working to get saturated enough to allow you to not drive as much within your territory on a given day.

Understanding what to expect is important before making any type of decisions, especially business decisions. We are here to help at any time and please know we are available for you at any time.

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